Natural Accents for the Home & Garden


About Tufarock

Tufarock Design was formed in 2009 when I combined my background in sculpture and design with my love for the natural world. Over  time I have slowly developed a line of unique products that reflect that love. All works are handmade with an eye for detail and respect for the techniques and materials used in their construction. My design aesthetic is inspired by the organic shapes, textures and colors found in nature. It has always been my philosophy that nature itself is the ultimate designer. We as artists/designers simply borrow from the unlimited examples of timeless design displayed in nature. Whether it is the black and white contrast found in a nimbostratus storm cloud or the texture observed in an ancient lava formation, nature is always at the center of my work.  

About Me

   My name is Joe Triglia. I am an artist, designer, avid gardener and small business owner residing in West Sacramento California. Growing up in the California foothills, I developed a love and appreciation for the natural world. I have designed and constructed unique functional objects since I was old enough to raid my father’s tool chest. After experimenting with many different materials I developed a true love for concrete. I was drawn to the versatility and understated beauty of concrete.  I started working with different blends of concrete to develop unique vessels for my growing collection of succulents & cacti. My handcrafted pottery and succulent arrangements really resonated with folks so I began sharing them with the public at craft festivals and farmers markets. You can now find them at Nurseries, Florists, Grocery Stores and other locations throughout the Sacramento area.